Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Social Media and Investigation

Your social footprint helps investigators know your patterns of behavior, closest confidants, places and persons of interest, and gives away little details about you that you may not have noticed you were exposing. A private investigator may look at the photos you post to see how active you are, and if that is counter to what you are claiming against injuries you sustained through workman's compensation.  

Utilizing Twitter and Facebook as sources of information is known as "open source intelligence," meaning no one owns the rights to the information as protected, if the information is unsolicited and unprotected by the user.

Source: Reading Eagle

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Use a PI as a Process Server?

After all, the Sheriff’s Department will do it for, oh, probably $20. When they get to it. But they have an impossible job with an impossible workload. And process usually needs to be served FAST. So it usually pays to hire a professional process server private investigator. Who has some backup resources if something goes wrong. Or if legal issues arise.
In short, serving process is not as simple as walking up to a guy in a suit, asking his name, handing him papers, and saying “You’ve been served.” In California, for example, there are various ways short of physical delivery to serve someone with a summons. But a subpoena has to be served personally to the person’s face, or a judge might not enforce it.
Your legal papers need to be served by someone who knows where the lines are, what the rules are, and when it’s permissible to brush by the secretary to get to the man in his own office.
Who engages professional process server private investigators and process server private detectives?
  • Law firms looking for rapid, efficient, economical process service of new lawsuits
  • Trial attorneys who need to subpoena witnesses
  • Copy services specializing in obtaining medical and business records under procedures set by the California Evidence Code, and Code of Civil Procedure
  • Plaintiffs filing their own lawsuits “in pro per” – i.e., representing themselves
  • Anybody filing a small claims case, where no attorneys are allowed.
A good process server private investigator knows how to find someone who is evading service. He or she can also decide in the field whether to shift gears to a second method, like substituted service to a responsible adult at a business location. And he or she knows when he doesn’t have to hand the papers to the subject, when he can simply get a name acknowledgment and drop the papers at the target’s feet.
Process service seems simple, but oftentimes it isn’t so simple. So when you need to get a subpoena, or a summons and complaint, or a small claims complaint served WITHOUT FAIL, you need to hire a professional process server private investigator. If you want to get process served fast, efficiently, economically, and in a manner that will satisfy the Court the law has been observed, our professional process service private investigators and professional process service private detectives are ready 24/7 to serve those papers.