Sunday, October 30, 2011

GPS Services - S.I.P.I. Rover

 Stough International's GPS tracking units are as small as a deck of cards, built with military-grade technology, and installed by professionals to be undetectable. They are accurate up to 3 feet every three seconds, and we have the capability to not only track your assets globally, but keep a full 12 months of history on file for you if you need it.

A glance at what you can do with the SIPI Rover:

GPS Fleet Track:
Go Online and locate fleet trucks & Cards using GPS Tracking Tools.

Track employees in company vehicles with GPS Auto Tracking

Auto Theft Vehicle Recovery:
If a vehicle is stolen, go online and GPS track location.

GPS Track Equipment:
Manage your construction and heavy equipment assets.

GPS Track elderly loved ones with Alzheimer's or disorientation symptoms.

Keep a mindful eye on your teenagers in their vehicle using a GPS. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing your child's whereabouts at all times. Teenage drivers are 370% more likely to have an accident than drivers of any other age.

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