Monday, January 9, 2012

Why do I need a Private Investigator?

Private investigation is not just stuff for the movies anymore. There are 101 reasons to use a private investigator. Our service is top notch, but in case you don't know why you might need one, here are just a handful of examples from this week's top headlines around the country:

  • Perhaps you are a city official who believes your fire department has committed some violations and need an objective third party opinion to read into the details, while maintaining the strictest confidences such as the mayor of Gardiner, Maine. Source: Kennebec Journal
  • Maybe you are a veterinarian who has lost his beloved dog like Dr. O'Banian. Source: CBS4 
  • It could be that you think someone has been eavesdropping on your private telephone conversations as in the case of homeowners as reported in the New York Times.
  • Hopefully you are not the family member or friend of a missing child who is presumed to be dead, but no body has been found, or maybe you work with the police department as in the case of Jhessye Shockley in Glendale, Arizona. Source: Arizona Central Or in the kidnapping and murder case of Holly Pirrainen of Boston, Massachusets. Source: Fox Boston 

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