Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Hire a P.I.

Ask friends and family members if they've ever hired a private investigator. Ask only people you trust to keep your inquiry to themselves, especially if the matter is sensitive.

Search online for private investigators in your area. Search for investigators who handle the specific type of investigation you'd like done, such as missing persons searches, crime scene investigation, bounty hunting or surveillance work.

Visit the website of the private investigators you're considering, and contact them directly. Find out what credentials they have, such as education, experience and clientele. Obtain testimonials and references.

Ask the investigator detailed questions about his background, why he became a private investigator and what types of cases he handles. A good private investigator will answer these questions willingly and will most likely be happy to provide you with details about his training, background, qualifications and cases. Remember that they can only share limited information about their clients' cases.

Source: eHow

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