Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stalker Prevention

How would you handle a stalker? Following you to the mailbox, your car, your work? Showing up at the movie theater while you're with your friends, at your kid's school? Among the myriad services we offer is stalking prevention. Before the problem gets out of hand, call us.

Here are some additional tips on stalking prevention:

    Confront the Problem by filing a police report – You need to have that document if you are going to prosecute the stalker. The police report is going to have detailed information of the incident to allow for the courts to see and be able to pass a fair judgment. Police reports are simply a form stating that you are documenting the incident and that you have informed the police to help you in the situation.

    Document – Put down when you see the man, where you were, and what he was doing whenever you are in contact with him. This way, you will have documented proof that he has been where you have been. He is going to have to show proof that he was there for other reasons and most likely then not, he won’t have the information.

    Defend yourself – If he is making contact with you, then you have the right to defend yourself from him. If he touches you in any way, you have the right to push or punch to get away from him. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that part. You are going to have to get away from him if he is going to advance. Running into the nearby shop is always going to be a good act to do if you are being followed. Crowds detract from stalking.

    Inform someone – You are doing well already by informing your husband about the situation and the police report is going to inform the police. This will also trigger the escort of a police officer to survey the area you go as well. You will be able to have the protection that is going to be needed. The more witnesses you have of this incident and the others, the better.

    Source: Law Advice Now

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