Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trade Secret Theft Investigation

We live in an age of information, of secrets, and often, thin cyber-walls constrain us. But your business is valuable to you, and the ideas and work done there belongs to that business. What do you do when you think employees are dealing in your trade secrets? What happens when employs break a Non-Disclosure Agreement? You hire Stough International to investigate trade secret theft.

According to Computer Forensic Associates, "If you suspect intellectual property theft, theft of trade secrets or patent theft and you need to prove it, you need to to take immediate action to collect and preserve the evidence.

Take these steps if you suspect theft of intellectual property by an employee:
  • Identify all computers, laptops, smart phones,and external devices that may hold potential evidence.
  • Secure the suspect computers and prevent further use until a forensic image can be collected.
  • Begin documenting why you suspect IP theft, fraud or patent infringement.
  • ...Make arrangements to capture a forensically sound image so you preserve the evidence and prevent tampering or spoliation."

According to NDAs for Free, "Whether or not you have an NDA, you can take legal action against the theft of your trade secrets, known as misappropriation, under state laws. Misappropriation is the acquisition or disclosure of trade secrets by improper means including theft, bribery and fraud. Examples include:
  • A company promises a competitor's employee a better job in return for providing trade secrets.
  • An employee furnishes trade secrets to a newspaper reporter.
  • Key employees take confidential customer information and open a competing business.
  • A hacker breaks into a company's computer network, downloads trade secret information and posts it on a website."

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