Friday, October 5, 2012

Defrauding the Elderly

If you fear a parent or other elderly person you care about is being defrauded by a caretaker, stranger, attorney, or other person in their lives, contact us to investigate before it's too late!

This case was broken this week in Sacramento:
A caretaker for the elderly was arrested Wednesday for allegedly using a client’s credit and debit cards without permission.
The 69-year-old woman told police she was at home while recovering from surgery and had people taking care of her. She told detectives that one of her caretakers, Farrah Fawcett
Lavulo, was making unauthorized credit card purchases.
Some of the charges included getting meals, withdrawing cash and paying for phone calls with her boyfriend, who is in jail. Lavulo, 34, reportedly rang up $1,000 worth of charges.
In a news release, the Roseville Police Department said the woman was able to report the unauthorized charges so quickly because she closely watched her financial statements.
“However, if a loved one is incapacitated and no longer able to look out for his or her own safety and financial affairs, it's important to have a trusted friend or family member keep a close eye on their health and the condition of their home, and check financial statements regularly for unpaid bills or unusual transactions,” the release contined.
Source: Fox 40

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