Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jobs for Felons

Private Investigators talk about how to make sure of who you are hiring, but what if the person looking for the job is honest and says "I have a felony record." Should that immediately disqualify him? The answer is more complicated than you might imagine. We can tell you what the felony was, and possibly get additional information about the court case that is not in the public record. Some of those conditions may still allow you to hire the applicant. After all, a person without a felony may be conducting themselves improperly and never have been caught.

Here are some jobs that are more easily available to felons:

Construction Jobs
Normally, the easiest and quickest jobs for felons to obtain are in skilled and semi-skilled labor. These include jobs within the construction industry and the trades, such as plumbing and welding. Labor and trade jobs may be acquired through friends, connections, a contractor, or through a temporary agency. Temporary agencies offer work in a variety of situations on a daily basis, including general manual labor positions. Although professional licenses can be suspended or revoked, you can work in the field as a helper and possibly work your way up to a supervisory position.

Sales are a good job field for felons to work, because the pay is often based on commission. A primary concern for employers hiring felons is risk, but since the employer is not putting up a lot of upfront money, he may be willing to take a chance on you as a salesman. It also provides the opportunity to prove yourself, which can be difficult for felons. Sales jobs can be found in the automotive, home improvement and contracting industries.

Other Options
Other opportunities for felons include traditional and non-traditional job fields. There are organizations that assist felons in re-entering the workforce, such as Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army and other rehabilitation-centered companies. Also, potential freelance jobs may be found on the Internet, especially in writing, blogging, web development and online sales.

Source: eHow

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