Friday, January 4, 2013

Serial Litigators

In a court case for which you were the defendant, or the defendant's attorney, would it make a difference if the plaintiff were a serial litigator? If he had brought many suits on in the past for similar instances, could it lose him credibility in court? Indeed! We can uncover a trait such as this.

The “ typical” background check using the standard internet tools can provide a national criminal background check but often omits key information such as civil litigation searches. This type of limited information can miss some of the most important information since the typical c-level executive will most likely not have any criminal background. It is more likely that these subjects could have extensive civil filings that can provide insight into undisclosed business matters.

The difficulty that arises in researching civil litigation history is the fact that there is no centralized database for all civil court records. Some counties provide online records, but many require that records be obtained in person at the court house. It takes a skilled and experienced investigator to navigate various resources and compile a comprehensive report that encompasses civil backgrounds.

Source: PR Web

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